This is just a little note for you to read before the blog begins. My name is Claudia, and I'm the one putting this historical piece together. It's taken from a few different sources – stories from Grandfather mainly, but also diaries and letters from the time, some older papers and other artifacts from his time during the experiments and things like that – and it is absolutely as true as I can possibly make it. Any errors or inconsistencies are mine and mine alone and are the fault of the ear that listens, not the mouth that speaks, if you get my drift. Research for this topic has been happening in a serious way for the past three years, and in a less-formal sense, all my life. Thank you for taking the time to understand the history of my family, in a way, I suppose, my history. On top of the grandeur and the groundbreaking-ness of it all, it's still very personal, and I love it. It's me. Simply click the title of a piece to view it. Additional writings will be added around the middle of every month. Thank you.

The History Of The Voices From The Umbra Organization

Chapter 1: Youth, Such As It Is
Chater 3: Meeting Gods And Men
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