The Art Of

The Green Thumb


Poem by "The Green Thumb", in the year of the Other-Earth in late 2021, or possibly 2022.

This poem was found abandoned amongst other such expressions at roughly 40°50'55"N 96°39'29"W, in what remained of the Other-Earth city of Lincoln, NE.  The symbolism of The Green Thumb's artistic expression being accepted, almost embraced, by plants cannot be overstated. It is unclear at this moment whether the Voices have the power to plant such symbols, or if they merely direct the eyes of out Research and Archival teams to the places they will find the most meaning. The paper appears to be charred around the edges, and it is currently unknown whether this was a stylistic choice, or merely another way things degrade over time.

The poem reads as follows:

       I condemn myself to pain

by giving control of my heart

              to something I know 

                           to be mortal. 


when coaxed from without 

is always an addiction        

and Detox will break you.   

        Love is incredibly adept 

     at making the chilly night

           full of bracing wonder

                            but it's cold.


which is a deep desire to                

explain my inside to your inside   

means less/more when you're gone.

And Yet

Despite it All

Still Happening