The Art of The Homebody

Drawing by “The Homebody”, in the year of the Other-Earth 2024. Three drawings on one sheet of paper.


Echoing other Outsider artists such as Henry Darger, Adolf Wolfli, and Bill Traylor, The Homebody delights in bright colors, bold strokes, and has a warm and cartoonish style. With no formal artistic education that we know of, the fact that The Homebody has chosen this medium to serve as a security blanket of sorts is very interesting, as is his choice of subject matter.


In the first of the three sections, we see what can best be described as a colorful rendition of Banksy's “Girl With Balloon”, but with some notable differences. The girl is in full color, on a background of blue, and the hopeful balloon has been replaced with what we can only assume is a drifter. The strange halo around the Drifter-balloon is also an intriguing feature, and a puzzling mystery.


The second piece appears to be a drainage culvert with a street running over it. Weeds have grown thick and what seem to be boards are jumbled in the foreground. The cement wall is adorned with the graffiti: “No Thanks Satan, I'm Actually An Introvert”. This picture attracts particular attention from us, as The Homebody has mentioned that it was, at least at one point, his favorite.


The final picture, taking up the bottom right corner, is easily the most technically impressive. A bright and beautifully rendered sun blazes down on a swaying corn field, out of which sticks a rotting anti-abortion billboard. The board's original message of “Choose... Life...”, perhaps given new meaning due to the state of the world, has been answered by somebody in red paint, boldly: “NO”. The skill displayed in this piece showcases a talent that has been nurtured, perhaps in secret, for some time. The Homebody has already made mention of being embarrassed about his hobbies in the past, and the urge to draw might well be a piece of that puzzle.

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