It seems that the ability and desire to produce art might have some tie to the reason these particular Voices have been shown to us. Further study is needed, as always, for all but this: The Homebody's art makes me feel something deep in my chest. That needs no study at all, but simple appreciation. ~~Grandfather Spaulding (In the face of, and in spite of, the persecution he suffers.)

Homebody episode 7_edited.jpg

Drawing by “The Homebody”, in the year of the Other-Earth 2024. 

Colorful, dramatic, and violent. These are the words that come to mind when you gaze upon the latest offering from The Homebody. Based on what has been revealed in the latest update from the Voices, we assume that this is a representation of the murder of The Homebody's wife and daughter.


The color choice is very interesting here, with The Homebody rendering himself in a deep splash of several colors, reds and oranges on the borders fading through yellows and greens into deep blues at the core. Alternatively, the Wife and Daughter figures seem to have little color associated with them, giving us the impression that color is inherent to life, somehow. One of our researchers is adamant that the colors used by The Homebody are meant to represent an oil slick after the rain – a spot of poison on wet ground – but there is no evidence to confirm or deny this.


The ways the The Homebody continues to warp his own body are very telling about his mental state. Here we can see the fingers turned into knives, the things that used to be used to touch and love those around him are now weapons of destruction. Note too the absence of light and color from his eyes – if color is inherent to life, as we earlier presumed, that leads us to presume that he has become “dead behind the eyes, sacrificing much of his humanity in this action.


One is also led to wonder if the hands becoming knives is a clue as to the method of execution. If so, feeling forced to end the lives of your family with a knife would leave much different scars than doing it more impersonally, such as with a gun. It all begins to add up to a picture of one very sad man, searching for a family after he spoiled the last one.