It seems that the ability and desire to produce art might have some tie to the reason these particular Voices have been shown to us. Further study is needed, as always, for all but this: The Homebody's art makes me feel something deep in my chest. That needs no study at all, but simple appreciation. ~~Grandfather Spaulding (In the face of, and in spite of, the persecution he suffers.)


Drawing by “The Homebody”, in the year of the Other-Earth 2024. 

The Homebody's most impressive artistic feat to date is also his darkest. In what is assumed to be a self-portrait, (most likely done peering into a mirror in an abandoned rest stop somewhere in the middle of Kansas), The Homebody depicts himself as monstrously as the mutated creatures that surround him. It is unclear whether he is truly as gaunt and hollow as he chooses to show himself or if the skeletal appearance is merely a representation of his very humanity withering away.

The significance of the teeth being replaced by fingers is a matter of some debate between those analyzing this tortured man. Theories range from it being a representation infantile regression - the artist desiring to experience the world in a tactile manor with his mouth - to it being a direct connection with the eyeball placed at the back of the throat - possibly a desire to "cover ones eyes" to unwanted personal insight. 

One matter not up for debate is the incredible increase in the skill level of the artist himself. The recordings that were recovered from the Other-Earth indicate that The Homebody lived a somewhat repressed life, not feeling safe or comfortable expressing himself artistically, for fear of hearing "people talk." If nothing else, this piece truly shows how repression and a desire for strict "normality" (whatever that might be) suffocates talent, leads to mental stagnation, and has no place in a modern and accepting society.

Bear witness, spread love, and fight the Men In Suits that see you as only a stepping stone to their power fantasy. They are a cancer. If they are not cut out our great Humanity-Body will rot and die, slowly and painfully.