The Umbra is not a thing with sharp and defined edges but rather a dappled bed of leaves on which we read what came before as well as what is. -- Grandfather Spaulding

Nov Homebody Art piece_edited.jpg

The final drawing by “The Homebody”, in the year of the Other-Earth 2024. 

The last artistic piece that we can reliably attribute to The Homebody was found at the sight of the Green Thumb disaster, atop a small cylindrical structure. A haunting piece, done in muted colors, depicts what seems to be a Blob surrounded by carrion birds, either crows or ravens. A skull lays nearby, and the background showcases a muted and somehow sickly rendition of a sunset. The face of the Blob seems to display fear or horror in it's gaze, implying an intelligence of it's surroundings, and possibly a notion of what might be coming next. It is a piece showcasing an ending, but one that is not entirely colorful nor entirely black and white, rather residing somewhere in between.


Though he will never hear it, we at the Voices From The Umbra Organization wish to thank The Homebody for sharing his artistic talent with us. He unknowingly gave us a glimpse at a beautiful and tortured soul attempting to express himself even when there was nobody to express himself to. It is a tragedy that he never knew how big of an audience he finally had.